Is Poker Worth The Effort?

Anyone can learn the rules of poker quickly, online access and the interface are easy and there is really no reason not to try. Online poker is a huge success. There is no online gambling site that does not offer poker games. A dedicated player becomes part of a community, earns friends and perhaps even their livelihood.

All or most varieties of poker games are available for free download. They offer safe practice for the beginner. You can try your hand against the p.c. opponents and can adjust the difficulty to easily experience successive victories, feeling the pleasure of the addiction spread through your system like a dose of a good drink.

All online games are played comfortably with you in front of the computer. You don’t have to worry about minimizing your body language or reading the faces and posture of about ten human opponents, each with their makeup tricks Judi Online, ticks and wooden faces. But despite that fact, the light fun of perfecting your strategy against the software is like doing your best at tennis against a wall or shooting at cardboard targets – it’s not really comparable to live action. Technically, there may not be much resemblance between a shootout and a game of poker, and you can count on a professional not to have a sawn-off rifle aimed at you at the other end of the table, unless you’re shooting a Robert Rodriguez Movie . But the parallel is guaranteed, as both shootings and real money poker (as opposed to virtual money) involve a constant sense of danger.

And that is precisely what makes games against a human opponent not only fun without life, but also frighteningly fun – the kind of fun that creates the most powerful addiction. Someone who has never dealt with anything more dangerous than Spider Solitaire on his laptop in the classroom may well wonder if poker is anything more than a game of solitaire. And it is important that he realizes that, in addition to ability, chance (or luck, as you want to evoke that divinity) is the essence of the game. And therefore, a live poker session without the possibility of restarting, and only the possibility of giving up, is permeated by danger.

This is exactly what discourages many people. But what also makes many people feel irresistibly “alive” when betting on the value of their hands. You must have money, time and energy to spend – but these are manageable factors. You better be willing to make the effort to learn strategy, but you must also have a clear and refined appreciation of the element of chance. A player who does not do so and who may approach the game simply in the raw hope of some good quick wins will lose and tire of trying. The taste of danger is then sour and you want to rinse it as soon as possible.

For the real player, the danger is delicious. That’s why he is at the desk / computer. The player knows his things and his bluff, knows what is practically in his power and does not indulge in vain fantasies. He or she is there by chance, just as the climber is there by height. It is necessary to learn to listen to the music of chance in the game; then, even a session of bad luck will have been worth the effort.

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